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We are located in West Michigan, in the small community of Hamilton, not far from Lake Michigan. Our Cavaliers are first and foremost our pets, living in our home, sharing our lives and are given all the best that life has to offer. Our puppies are hand raised and cherished by us. All our puppies stay with us for twelve weeks, giving them and their mum ample and much needed time together before moving onto their new families.
We feel this is a critical time in their development and do not want it cut short.

Some of our Cavaliers relaxing in crates while Pharis relaxes on topThe Dog Room West to EastFrom East To West
Our number one priority is the health of our adult Cavaliers and puppies. All our Cavaliers are heart tested annually by a Board Certified Cardiologist. A Board Certified Ophthalmologist checks their eyes annually against any genetic defects and the results are sent to CERF. Annual manipulation of patellae’s is performed to ensure there is no luxation present. Our Cavaliers go to MSU for hip and elbow x-rays and the films are sent onto OFA for evaluation. In doing these tests, it is our hope that all puppies born to us, will live long, healthy, pain-free lives.

The cherished Cavalier temperament is very important to maintain in our breeding program. Our Cavaliers have individual personalities, of course, but each one is loving, devoted and the consummate companion. Bringing this temperament forward into each generation is what we strive for.

Beauty, type and structure go together to make up the classic Cavalier. Together they are the third leg of the stool for a well-balanced Cavalier.

Member in good standing with the EKC (English Kennel Club), CKCSCUSA (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club USA) and AKC (American Kennel Club). Our Cavaliers are dual registered with both CKCSC and AKC and we show our Cavaliers in both venues. Puppies are available occasionally to approved homes and sold on a spay/neuter contract. For a questionnaire, please contact me at 269-751-7128 and I will be happy to speak with you. If you prefer, send me an email at kalidunn@yahoo.com.

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